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2005-02-18 - 8:55 p.m.

What is it about Target?

Shopping there fills me with ineffable gladness, deep serenity, a candied delight, and yet all I'm doing is buying saline solution and a semi-crappy $6.00 t-shirt. They must be wafting pheromones through the air.

It's Die Freitag Funf

1. If you could have anything you wanted to eat for a day, what would you choose for your meals and snacks?

All pasta, all the time, with a side of Phish Food.

2. Is there a food or dessert you wanted to try but never had the opportunity?

I have never had absinthe (beverage), nor a lark's tongue in aspic, and this guy is always talking about "vegetable marrows," which I'd like to try.

3. What's a food or dessert you've tried that you wish you hadn't?

I have no regrets in my gastronomic life.

4. Ever watch cooking shows?

Not anymore, but one of my earliest memories is of my grandmother and sister and I watching The Galloping sister and I used to try and guess which audience member he'd pull from the crowd to help him eat his meal... Perhaps my first intimation that British people are funnier and more interesting than Americans...

5. Are you hungry yet?

Dude, J'ai toujours faim!

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