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2005-02-19 - 5:30 p.m.

Life has not been the same since Kermit was killed filming Muppets Take Manhattan.* But he will live forever in this GIF.

*The viewers comments on IMDB bear repeating here:

"This is my least-favorite of the three Muppet movies of the Henson era. There just isn't enough Muppets...That, and the film is kind of just reinforcing what happened in the original Muppet movie, only replacing Hollywood with Broadway.

Don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable movie, but it's not grade 'A' muppet material."

More shopping tales, strangely enough.

My sister is in pregnant-woman-organizing mode and wanted to hit some domestic-type stores today, so we went to Bloodbath & Beyond and the poetically-named Container Store.

Now, I've been in BB&B plenty of times, but it was my first time at the Container Store and I found it a tad wearying. It's essentially Disney World for anal people**, replete with happy-happy-happy sales force and exhaustingly bright colors all around.

They carry every size/shape of box and bag and bin for every conceivabe loose collection of smaller items you can think of. The one that weirded me out the most was the golf-bag sized organizer for wrapping paper. Wrapping paper? Doesn't everybody just haphazardly buy a tube of it when necessary, and then stick it in their closet and use it til it's gone?

(**today's company excluded, of course)

Listening to the In Good Company soundtrack album leaves me with the following thoughts:

  • Iron & Wine, followed by Aretha Franklin, followed by Iron & Wine--now that's some inspired sequencing
  • R&B was so much better when it employed real drummers and bass players (see: "Chain of Fools")
  • Soundtracks of our Lives--"Ten Years Ahead"--so tuneful.
  • I've said this a million times but "Solsbury Hill" is one of the best damn songs ever written. It's spiritual without being preachy, it features one of Peter Gabriel's most restrained vocal performances (and production), and it is just spinetingling. I ain't ashamed to say I love PG, bombast and all.

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