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2005-02-28 - 12:58 p.m.

So, the Gates.

I think the best way to have experienced the Gates would have been as a walking meditation, ambling along and taking it in at a liesurely, attentive pace. And then I may have had a more positive response to it.

But as it is, I just felt crowded and rushed and cold, and kept thinking, "Well, it's no Cows on Parade."

But I'd be interested in hearing other people's takes on it.

(I wish there had been some kind of scandal involving misappropriated funds or something, so we could have Gategate.)

Oscars: better than last year's, but I felt bad for all the "lesser" award-winners who weren't allowed out of their seating area, as if they might contaminate the fabulous people.

I liked how the presenters kept popping up in bizarre, uncharted places--I kept expecting Statler and Waldorf to appear on the balcony.

Best speech: Brad Bird's.

Best dress: Halle Berry's

Weirdest intro: "the multi-talented Drew Barrymore." Huh? I wasn't aware she had even one talent much less multiple ones.

Best cameo: Albert Brooks!

Best musical number: Yo Yo Ma's touching performance over the "dead movie star" montage

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