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2005-03-03 - 9:59 a.m.

God knows I don't want to encourage spam, but there are a couple of e-mail newsletters that I actually enjoy reading. One of them is the Whole Foods Market e-zine and website, which is useful and makes me want to eat Swiss chard instead of Ring Dings.

Still reading the whale book, still watching Mr. Show DVD.

Mr. Show makes me laugh out loud more often than any other show I can think of, which makes me wonder if it is, after all, possible to identify it as my favorite comedy show ever.

And yet! And yet! I cannot. Because sometimes one wants loveable characters, or trenchant social anthropology or great writing and acting or Rhoda.

Really liking the M.I.A. album, Arular...She's Sri Lankan by way of London by way of India, and her raps are political and melodic and exciting...

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