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2005-03-15 - 10:18 a.m.

The Ben Lee album continues to grow on me. It's a really admirable effort--a positive record that isn't cringe-worthy. This is precisely the kind of record, lyrically speaking, that I want to make and want to listen to. Ben, I forgive you for the your sentimental punk comments. You are wonderful. Claire Danes is an idiot.

(Woops, that was mean. She came to my yoga class once and was very sweet.)

Anyway, it seems that our Ben has a guru and some friends in high places, and I love when rock stars have gurus. He could be the next George Harrison!

Was discussing the concept of "rocking" yesterday with some friends. You know, there is great music, and then there is music that, specifically, rocks. They don't always overlap, but when they do, look out.

When pressed to define what makes something rock, all I could offer were examples, until Doug stepped forward with a formula that makes good horse sense:

(tempo in bmp/120) + (audible distortion on at least 1 instrument*.3) + (number of elec guitar tracks - number of acoustic guitar tracks )/number of vocal tracks) - (number of key changes * .2) - (number of synthesizer tracks *.2)

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