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2005-03-22 - 10:34 a.m.

I finished Moby Dick, but I need some time to sit with it and mourn it a little before I comment.

Saw Shockheaded Peter this weekend, and highly recommend it to anyone who has a penchant for dark, Edwardian (in the sense of the historical era and in the sense of Mr. Gorey) musical comedy. Each member of the talented cast demonstrates handy skills of mime, singing, puppetry, comic over-acting, and instrument-playin'.

Was surprised to learn that the book it's based on--Struwwelpeter--was actual a parody of children's literature, not meant to be a serious book at all, despite generations of freaked-out kids who were terrified of it.

Also saw Open Water, a strange little movie and the antithesis of Moby Dick--a short work that was almost entirely literal, no hint of any meaning larger than "wow, it must suck to be stranded in the middle of an ocean!" Nothing much happens except that a couple of yuppies get nibbled by paranha and sharks.

Digital video still looks weird to me.

Now, because I was kinda let down by OW, and because I've been reading a terrific book called Blockbuster that goes into depth about the making of various "summer hits," I am dying to see Jaws.

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