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2005-04-04 - 5:18 p.m.

Hey! Our young power pop hero Brendan Benson has a new album out, and it's lovely. The first song, "Spit it Out," is way hooky. Nice dirty guitars.

Briefly, here are some other albums I've been enjoying more than just a bit:

  • Jolie Holland's sepia-toned li'l gem, Escondida
  • Paul Motian's I Have The Room Above Her, which features my favorite new guitarist. I don't listen to much jazz, but the stuff I like sounds much like this: kinda mellow but not necessarily sweet, kinda starry-eyed, not too wacky.

    And an album that I may like better with time, but right now isn't grabbin' me: The Kills' No Wow.

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