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2005-04-07 - 3:53 p.m.

It's Mercy! Saying hello from Chicaggy:

Hey, I just found out that the Times did a piece about Netflix vs Blockbuster recently. Well-timed. I just got my "Don't go! We promise we'll take you to dinner and bring you flowers more!" e-mail from B-buster, but I

In other news, I just discovered that the Whoville Christmas song has been arranged for "simple caroling" or "choir-oriented activities." It's versatile!

You know what my favorite rock-critic cliched phrase is? "Reverb-drenched."

I love that! Cuz I love those two words seprately, and then together they are nearly frangible. I, too, want to be drenched in reverb! I want it to fill my lungs and almost kill me, but then I am revived by the miracle power of rock and roll, so I don't die.

Gosh, it's spring.

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