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2005-04-18 - 1:40 p.m.

Aside from the points already covered in yesterday's entry, some other highlights of the weekend included working on a new song, meeting young Philip for the first time outside the womb, and seeing Jaws.

Song: I like the lyrics better than the music at this point.

Philip: very cute, very tiny compared to most regular humans, big eyebrows, lots of facial expressions. I have high hopes for this Aries kid!

Jaws: Well! It was good to finally see it after decades of hearing about it. The Quint character, that hardy, sea-farin' old salty dog, is a hoot. And this may be the only movie I've ever liked Richard Dreyfuss--he of the mirthless chuckle and prissy mannerisms--in. And I actually liked him a lot in this, he is the most natural actor in the cast.

I like the subtext of masculinity--who's the "real man" amongst the men who hunt the great white shark?

But I had a real problem with the shark. The poor shark! People of Amity, the shark is not your enemy! The shark is just trying to get by like everyone else. The shark lives in that ocean that you play in.

I hate what they do to that poor shark, and I hate that Richard Dreyfuss's character, ostensibly an oceanographer who has dedicated his life to the study of sharks, unquestioningly hunts the shark down with an intent to kill.

brush up on your Duckberg religion.

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