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2005-04-21 - 10:18 a.m.

My RealPlayer identifies the new 50 Foot Wave album as being "lo-fi/garage rock." Bless its little heart, that's a good guess, but this album is quite, um, hi-fi, and if this is garage music, it's a garage whose jalopy I'd hesitate to insure against heavy rawk damage. (Sorry, I haven't had coffee yet).

This is an amazing document of a woman who, approaching middle age, doffs the subtler, more acoustic music of her last several solo albums, and plunges back to the het-up, noisy head-static of her earliest records, with the additional blessing of being a much better guitarist, a bolder songwriter and bandleader than she was 20 years ago.

The songs here just explode out of the speakers, all stuttering rhythms and exhilarating guitar and heavy metal bass. I couldn't tell you what a single track is "about," only that it rocks much harder than the last Metallica album.

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