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2005-04-25 - 12:38 p.m.

I attended an interesting event at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports scientists and artists who write about science, awarded a grant to my sister-in-law Penny that enabled her to stage a reading of her screenplay (about two physicists in love) and a Power-Point-fueled presentation about the scientific background of her story.

They also set her up with two mentors--superstring stud Brian Greene and maker of cheesy flicks Nora Ephron. After the reading (featuring William H. Macy), there was a panel discussion with Penny, Greene, and Sloan's program director Sydney Meeks about science and art, with a Q&A and reception.

It's a great little script, and Penny was charming and persuasive about the wisdom of getting her production funded. It was certainly the most professional bid for patronage I'd ever seen.

Most importantly, I got to meet Robert DeNiro at the reception. He was mellow and down to earth.

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