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2005-04-29 - 10:54 a.m.

It's birthdaymania here at IHoP HQ.

Firstly, a big ol' happy birthday shout-out to Chris Arnade, author of the popular Solitons in the Standard Model, and, more importantly, the guy who taught me how to parallel park, long ago in a semi-tropical state far, far away.

Nextly, tomorrow is Andy Mattina's birthday, and in celebration of our favorite bass player and raconteur, all his bands are playing (Sat., 4/30) at Freddy's. Dave Benjoya goes on at 9:00, PC and the Great Ape Trust will be on at 9:30, followed by Box of Crayons, Liza and the WonderWheels, Tom Warnick and the World's Fair, and some configuration of the John Sharples Experience.

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