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2005-05-10 - 6:55 a.m.

Saturday is proving to be a rambling affair. I had middling expectations for it, knowing that nothing could possibly top either Enduring Love or the perfect Atonement...but I'm afraid this latest book from Ian McEwan is not holding my interest.

I went on a McEwan jag about 2 years ago and read a bunch of his novels/story collections in reverse chronological order. It was interesting to see his skills as a writer get less refined with each backwards movement, but the constants were his imagination and daring and blazing intelligence.

Here, we have the intelligence, but none of the daring. Maybe it'll pick up...

And since it seems that I've only been complaining about stuff lately, let me add that the new Spoon album, on first listen, is pretty neat. More upon further listening...

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