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2005-05-13 - 12:16 p.m.

Savannah cats!

Watched Sideways last night, which I liked more this time. (First time around, I knew I wasn't in the right mood, and the print and sound at the second-run movie house were terrible).

(minor spoilers)

(deet da deet)

(deet da deet)

(deet da deet)

I laughed more this time, and the ending struck me as more hopeful...even the scene with the hamburger.

Originally, I had understood that scene in the burger joint as an act of quiet self-destruction, but this time it seemed like he was trying to actualize Maya's observation that you don't need a special occasion to open a bottle of the '61 Cheval Blanc, and that its opening is the special occasion.

I also got a better sense of the friendship between the two men, which, with one line that I missed the first time around, became clearer. This is when Miles says of Jack: "He' freshman year roommate from San Diego State."

You get the sense that their friendship was forged on circumstance and continues due to inertia, although they are able, at times, to cajole each other into better behavior. Or at least, they try.

So, if'n ya didn't like the flick on its release, perhaps you just need to spend some quiet alone time with it on DVD.

Or, mayhaps you need to read some Sideways fanfic.

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