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2005-05-17 - 8:27 a.m.

I can't say I resisted the temptation to watch the Raymond finale. However, I didn't get far--the promo spot right before it, where they show the Raymond set in misty soft-focus with shots of the actors weeping and then bravely holding their heads up to wave at the studio audience, cured me of wanting to watch, or indeed ever wanting to turn on the TV again.

So instead I practiced my song for Baby Party's wedding feast (less than a week away!), and settled in with a good book: Early Bird, by Rodney Rothman.

This is a hilarious memoir (I'm on a kick lately) of a 28-year-old writer who is laid off from the David Letterman show and decides to "retire" early. He moves to a retirement village in South Florida and describes his adventures there.

This is a funny, touching look at aging by a guy who isn't afraid to show both the endearing and the exasperating aspects of hanging out with the oldsters. He doesn't make old age look pretty or noble, but he also shows the humor and dignity that can come with old age.

There is a chapter about a Yoko Ono art exhibit that had me guffawing out loud.

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