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2005-05-28 - 12:03 p.m.

Went to see the Diane Arbus retrospective at the Met yesterday. It's an astonishingly intimate and comprehensive exhibit.

Seeing actual prints of her portraits--the images I've (and maybe you've) got forever burned into the neurons somewhere near the "Christmas carols" and "names of family members" files--would have been enough, but they also display a bunch of unpublished work, her notebooks, letters, contact sheets, personal effects, cameras...

The show closes this weekend, so if you're in town, get on the stick!

I had a semi-cosmic T. Rex experience yesterday.

A few days earlier I'd thought to myself, "If there were one CD reissue I would be willing to spend my hard-earned dough on, it'd have to be Slider."

(Note: I don't always think in complete sentences, or in HTML links, it was probably more like "Slider! Buy! Oooga!")

I went so far as to stop into a mega-store to purchase it, but they were all out, and I said, "Alright, if I'm meant to have this it'll come to me somehow."

So, yesterday my cubester nonchalantly said, "Hey, I burned a copy of Electric Warrior yesterday and accidentally wound up with two--you want this?"

Clearly, the universe wants me to listen to T. Rex in some form or another, and perhaps it just chose the album with the hits.

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