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2005-06-06 - 10:01 a.m.

Ah. It was a weekend of small marvels, little pleasures.

My niece was graduated from high school. My sibs and I chipped in and got her a pink iPod Mini.

Saw Secret Window which wasn't half bad.

I taught my 5-y.o niece and 4-y.o. nephew the beginning of "Bring the Noise," which they then performed for the family yesterday, followed by an impromptu rap about skateboarding and what a drag it is to have to wear protective gear.

I think you would have appreciated the spectacle of two little blonde-haired moppets ranting, "Too black...too proud."

Aveda is discontinuing their "chakra-based" fragrances, and I am disconsolate. Not that there was anything at all to their chakra-ness, but they smell really, really good. Let's hope whatever they replace it with can compare...

I don't feel ready to divulge my latest stupid DVD obsession. Suffice to say that it's a prime-time TV show from the mid-80s, the likes of which has never really been duplicated. It's not a good show, but there's something interesting about the formula that has me hooked...

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