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2005-06-09 - 2:35 p.m.

I like to yak about whatever music I'm a-listenin' to currently, but this week so much new music has crossed my desk that my head is about to explode, and that makes it hard to type.

In brief:

  • The latest Sleater-Kinney is a pretty rockin' affair, and "Modern Girl" is a nifty li'l song, although I will never, ever cotton to Corin Tucker's voice.

  • Maximo Park's new one may appeal to fans of Wire.

  • Nouvelle Vague's nouveau bossa nova satisfies the urge to listen to 80s new wave while sipping chilled white wine at a lawn party. You're wearing linen, it's only sligtly rumpled and sweaty, like your soul.

  • Tarentel's The Order of Things makes me digest my food better.

  • Have the new White Stripes (and a bunch more releases sent to me by a kindly soul who works for a biggie label) but can't get it to play on my computer at work. Really lookin' forward to hearin' it!

    This made me smile. I'm in good company!

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