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2005-06-13 - 11:18 a.m.

One of those all-time great weekends that, on paper, sounds really uneventful but in reality was restful, lovely, satisfying.

Great rehearsal on Sunday...good readin' (simultaneously gobblin' up The Interpreter and The Emperor of Ocean Park, two intelligent and well-written thrillers, although I keep wanting to call the second one "The Emperor of Ocean Parkway," which Brooklynites will understand) and good lazin'.

I also took a Pilates class and was really impressed. When taught well (the only other class I took, a few years ago, was not) it's a very efficient workout. An hour of simple, relaxing movements gave me the feeling, afterward, of having taken a really strenuous vinyasa yoga class, or having run for an hour.

Watched Without a Paddle...and while I can't say it's a good film, the lead actor reminds me of our favorite commentor, Bob H. He even surfs.

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