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2005-06-16 - 10:50 a.m.

I think I'm ready to go public with my findings about the new D-Donuts iced coffee flavors.

I tried to organize all the comments into an HTML table, but it kept displaying funny, so I will simply list the flavors in order of greatness, the top being the best.

My criteria were: overall quaffability balanced with novelty, and whether or not it left a weird aftertaste.

    Toasted Almond!
                French Vanilla

                Liking: Josh Ritter's Hello Starling. He's got an appealing singing voice, kind of lazy but not flabby or without character, and his songs are just no-frills, well-constructed folk-pop songs of the 70s singer-songwriter variety. (If the thought of that scares you, by all means stay away).

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