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2005-06-22 - 9:55 a.m.

White Stripes tickets are onsale, and the good news for Brooklynites is that they are playing at Keyspan Park, home of the Cyclones! Excellent, inspired choice of venue, thanks guys.

There is compelling evidence that suggests that Brighton has not only developed a taste for bananas, but has also learned how to peel them. Either that or he's got a monkey pal who's been helping him.

The Scrobbler has already paid off--I was logging in this morning and a passing coworker said, "Hey, I'm on Audiscrobbler, too," and I found out his secret identity and stuff. I'm all for anything that creates conversation in the workplace.

Yay! The Before the Code line-up is coming back to Film Forum. This is my favorite FF recurring festival. I'm totally on board for 7/9 especially, as I've never seen The Blue Angel.

(Anybody remember Blue Angel the band?)

What is El Minotaur Blanco?!

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