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2005-06-24 - 10:24 a.m.

When I moved last October, I got rid of a lot of furniture and other items I'd outgrown by posting a "free stuff" message on Craigs List. Then I sat back and witnessed a parade of humanity march through my increasingly barren living room, grabbing stuff willy-nilly.

It was effective in clearing out the clutter, and was an entertaining social experiment.

But now I wish I'd known about FreeCycle, which seems like a slightly more wholesome and cheery enterprise.

I've begun watching Season 3 of Six Feet Under on DVD, and although I've heard this season isn't as strong as 1 & 2, I think the opening episode was great, as were the following two.

I really like focussing on one TV show at a time. It's like reading a novel. Um, except without the reading part.

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