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2005-06-25 - 9:37 p.m.

Oh, no! Who'd go and steal a monkey?

Accompanied my sister and 2 of my nephews to Hippo Playground for a kid's birthday party.

The party itself was held in a dank, sinister room next to the bathrooms, and there was a puppet show that made me sad for the puppetmaster who, despite his best efforts, started losing his audience about 5 minutes in. By the end of his bravura performance, no one was watching one clapped. I would have clapped but I was holding a nine-week-old human in my arms.

Meanwhile, unable to just "be here now," ("be there then"?), my mind cycled through every possible thought and emotion that a currently childless person (clinging to every last shred of her post-post-adolescent lifestyle) entertains when encountering a room full of toddlers and their Upper West Side parents. (Hey, if my sister is reading this, I don't mean you!) Boredom, envy, heartache, mild revulsion, khaki-angst, compassion, a few good yuks, and then a general sort of affection for the family of man.

The cake was good.

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