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2005-07-08 - 10:23 a.m.

Hey, it's Friend-of-IHoP John Faciano being interviewed by Gothamist.

"...It is unlikely that London will claim to have been transformed in an instant, to have lost its innocence in the course of a morning..."

I've been holding my tongue on the London attacks out of respect and decorum and just a basic sad speechlessness.

But I have to report that this morning at the gym they had Good Morning America on with the sound off...The first visual: the talking head of a young woman with the subtitle, "London bombings: An American Hero!"

A few minutes later, "The London Bombings: Rudolph Giuliani" and there's Rudy yammering away, looking all brave and heroic.

(Incidently, he just happened to be there when this went down. Shades of Jessica Fletcher, no?)

Can't we even let these folks have their own tragedy with turning it into another opportunity to show how wonderful we Americans are?

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