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2005-07-15 - 11:39 a.m.

I'm extremely late to the party here, but I've recently succumbed to the brilliance that is Arrested Development. I'd seen some random episodes and thought it seemed kinda funny, but watching it in sequence on DVD is what cracked the code. Viewers need to know the backstory, as there are running gags and motifs and character development that build up over time.

What I love about this show is that for every joke, there are two or three other little subtle jokes floating in the background--either a sight gag or a reference to a previous episode or a meta-joke about some other series. The characters manage to be broad and nuanced at the same time, and even the kid actors are really good.

And it's not all fussy and clever--it's goofy laugh-out-loud stuff, a la The Office.

"Thou shalt protect thy father and honor no one above him, unless it be-eth me, thy sweet Lord."

I have a show coming up in a few weeks (details in a bit), and was asked to make a flyer for the window of the place. A flyer? That's, like, made out of paper, right? I literally have not made a flyer in this century and have to get my sea-legs back....

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