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2005-07-18 - 9:46 p.m.

Just heard Willie Nelson's reggae's not as incongruous as you may think, his voice is oddly suited for it. And he does not inflict too much damage on two of Jimmy Cliff's best songs... (His "Harder They Come" is certainly not much worse than Joe Jackson's version, although "Sitting in Limbo" just makes me want to hear the original.)

Mmm. Yellowcake.

The new Knitters album is kinda fun, although sometimes John & Exene's vocals border on parody/kitsch. Not sure if this is intentional or just a result of their vocal limitations. You can listen up here.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, it just occurred to me that "Magic Wanda," the name of the columnist from Dynamite magazine, is a play on "magic wand." I get it now.

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