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2005-07-24 - 5:19 p.m.

I went to the mother of all over-the-top wedding feasts head still reels, and not just from the alkyhol.

The nups were at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the reception at the gilded splendor of the St. Regis, which should give you an idea of the pageantry and Louis XIV-like decadence on display.

If not, know that the bride's gown was an exact replica of Laura's dress--she had a dressmaker create it for her specially in a size 24, including the bizarre 80s headgear and spangles.

There was a chocolate fountain at the reception, a watermelon sculpture at the "hospitality hour," and after dinner there were human dessert tables wandering around proffering cookies, petits four, and a giant cannoli stuffed with little cannolis.

Doves were released, horse-drawn carriages were employed, and all kinds of fashion crimes committed. It was a lovely time.

My only complaint? No "Brickhouse" despite 2 urgent requests. Nobody plays "Brickhouse" anymore.

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