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2005-08-16 - 12:20 p.m.

Should you stay or should you go?

More thoughts on that OGWT DVD, after now having watched the whole thing (even the goofy commentary): there really needs to be more shows like this nowadays, for kids who can't get to concerts/clubs (too young or in the sticks or too broke or whatever) who don't want to have to slog through a boring talk show or a ghastly episode of SNL just to catch two songs by their favorite band.

The unforgiving naturalism of videotape--that's something the TV-watching public doesn't get enough of anymore. It's one thing to watch a video, and quite another to witness a lo-prod studio performance...To see the beads of sweat gather on Andy Partridge's forehead, or Debbie Harry nervously jumping around during the guitar solo, or Michael Stipe warbling "Moon River" slightly off-key, or close-ups of Sting's spotty complexion.

More importantly, to witness actual music being made, real heat emanating from real human beings: this is so beautiful and inspiring, especially if you have no choice but to get your music from TV.

Another thing: this video reintroduced me to an artist whose existence I'd completely forgotten about: Rory Gallagher! Rory!! RAW-REEE!!

So much for "no blogging at work."

OK, back to tending the robot-monkeys....

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