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2005-08-29 - 9:41 a.m.

Music! In Brooklyn! What the!

In other news, I've invented a cocktail, or rather it was revealed to me and I was merely the empty vessel through which its blessings did pour: a finger or two of Jack or vodka, a room temperature popsicle, and Fresca.

Since I was at Andy & Loren Mattina's awesome party when it manifested, I call it the The Mattini.

I am about halfway through Season 4 of Six Feet Under (on DVD), and although I know this is the season no one likes, I am actually enjoying the heck out of it. If you see the five seasons altogether as a large story arc, a very long novel, season 4 may be the slower part, mostly exposition, not too deep. I think the events that happen here are important, if slightly soap operish, and we do get to see aspects of the characters that were only hinted at previously.

[spoiler space]

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I think it's good to see Brenda try and fail at another relationship, not just so she can come back to Nate, but to drive home the idea that change is difficult, and our relationship patterns can really have a hold on us.

Seeing Ruth and George argue bitterly gives us a deeper sense of what Ruth and Nathaniel's marriage must have been like, and how Ruth came to be regarded by her family as clingy and kinda crazy. In her widowhood she has tried to make her life meaningful, but this late marriage throws her back into a state of helplessness and angst. It gives you an idea of why her kids are so screwed up.

And Rico! Wow.

Of course, I miss Arthur terribly. He was probably my favorite character.

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