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2005-08-31 - 8:45 a.m.

While I'm still in the throes of 6FU, I feel it would be imprudent to get heavily into a novel, so I'm snacking on a bunch of non-fiction this week:

  • Bill Maher's New Rules is sort of fun, but I can't read too much of this Andy Rooney-style sniping and grousing in one sitting. The tar and nicotine of his snarkiness leaves a gummy residue on my brain.

  • Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman...whether I like it or not, Chuck is the voice of my people and my generation--the unwashed suburban masses who came to the big city to live their adolescent dreams (and hilarity ensues).

  • New York Stories: the Best of the City Section of the New York Times is that weird NYT hybrid of precious unsentimentality , but it makes for appropriate subway reading and is easier to hold than a newspaper.

  • The Lobster Chronicles: I haven't started this yet, but it sits on my night table, beckoning. It's by the, uh, sea-woman from Sebastian Junger's Perfect Storm who, after many years at sea retired to a small island in Maine. It fits right in with Cabot Cove-induced fantasies of chucking it all away to live in New England amongst the quaint folk.

    Seu Jorge's Cru is just gorgeous stuff...

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