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2005-09-11 - 9:47 p.m.

Saw some great acts at Freddy's last night, and singing backing vocals in one of the bands was Maggie Roche. I wasn't prepared for the emotional floodgate that opened when I saw her for the first time in the flesh.

She's a tiny, fragile woman with seemingly no vanity or ego--dressed in a frumpy skirt and clunky sandals, her gray hair pulled back into a careless ponytail. She would put on granny-ish reading glasses at certain points, the better to read the lyrics of newer songs, and dance around unself-consciously in a goofy, caucasian-hippie way.

She just seemed so free and elfin and beautiful, and she embodies many things for me--she is like a mother and an older sister and my ancient dreams and my future self all rolled into one package.

She is the girl from NJ who made it small in the big city with her quirky and unique sister act--an important part of New York City musical history.

It meant a lot to me to see her--I am scared of getting older, of what it's going to mean to my music and to the way people listen (or don't listen) when the outer container changes. But seeing Maggie just made me feel ridiculously happy and proud (of what, I can't articulate--of her? Of people who surrender their lives to music? Of my friends at Freddy's who would treat this li'l lady with such respect?)

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