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2005-09-15 - 1:03 p.m.

Music round-up on payday-eve:

Wow...the new Paul McCartney album is really good. It's mostly ballads and a jaunty/tart little folk tune called "Jenny Wren," that evokes Beatle Paul more than Wing Paul or any of the other Paul action figures.

I'm finding the Bloc Party's remixes more palatable than their regular tracks, which I gave every chance in the world and still couldn't embrace.

The new Rogue Wave e.p. is lovely back-to-school September music..."Wait for It" nicks its verse melody from "Heart of Glass" (but makes up for it by having a thoroughly enchanting chorus).

And Sigur Ros's latest is gorgeous--starts out as nice background cleaning-the-apartment music and then sucks you stand there with your broom or your mop, mesmerized. I suspect "Hoppípolla" is about me, what do you think?

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