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2005-09-17 - 9:09 a.m.

Elvis is having some vocal problems.

Well, I said I was in a philosophical mood yesterday, and then I left you high and dry. Sadly the mood has passed, and I'm left only with this:

People with very thin lips--do they have more nerve endings per square inch that enable them to enjoy kissing, or are they just out of luck in that department?

I watched a very good film the other night called The Son, which seems to have been warmly embraced back in its day (2002).

It's a story of forgiveness, and fathers and sons, and carpentry, told in such an earthy, pragmatic way that any obvious religious implications vanish.

The kid who plays the young carpentry student is an amazing find--he is so raw as to be practically feral. He looks like a woodland creature, or a plant who happened to be growing nearby.

And there are so many scenes of the principal characters doing actual woodworking...I think I've mentioned here before that I am fascinated by watching people work. Ulee's Gold had a lot of great scenes of the main character tending his bees. I love stuff like that.

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