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2005-09-29 - 10:15 a.m.

OK, my rare, ill-informed political commentary:

Everybody was so depressed when Bush won the election last year. And I said, "Just wait and don't know how this is gonna play out." And here we are less than a year later and the Republicans are goin' down, down, down. They just needed a little time and space to make their spectacular mess and disenchant their fans. Soon, they will be extinct.

Had a nice evening of old-fashioned musical comedy last night, watching Polygraph Lounge at Joe's Pub. These two unapologetically geeky fellows are like a slightly (slightly) more intellectual and classically trained Weird Al, with song parodies and musical hijinx. The highlight of the evening was when the duo taught the audience a new dance to the tune of a very annoying car alarm.

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