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2005-10-01 - 8:41 a.m.

Sheryl Crow's new album has her looking at the world through quiet eyes, all sweet melodies and folksy/chamber pop arrangements. She sings in a pure voice, at the high end of her range, sounding different enough that you could mistake her for someone you've never heard before...and the cheesoid factor is pretty low here. Makes you forget that she sang back-up for Michael Jackson and all that.

The new Fiona Apple album is also really interesting. She's another artist I've never been able to fully embrace, despite a grudging admiration for her commitment to her vision. But here she demonstrates real songwriting chops and controlled, artful singing.

And the final entrant in the "artists I never thought I'd find myself listening to" contest is Coheed & Cambria, whose new album is, well, completely ridiculous prog-metal...butso pure in its aesthetic that you go along for the ride, despite lyrical atrocities like:

You could've been all I wanted
But you weren't honest
Now get in the ground
...If you really loved me
You would've endured my world

I will totally endure your world, Coheed! Can I get out of the ground now?

This is seriously momentous: watching the evolution of a species in front of our very eyes. Today's tool-wielding gorillas are tomorrow's Cornelius and Zira!

(My comments should've been turned back on by now, but I'll give it another day before investigatin').

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