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2005-10-03 - 1:29 p.m.

And other things from the weekend:

  • Watched Desperately Seeking Susan for the 700th time, marveling at how well it's held up over 20 years. The plot is surprisingly intricate, the tone is always fun and girl-power-y and insouciant, and Madonna is such a natural. The original ending (a DVD special feature) is even better than the one we all know.

  • Read a really awful Oprah-ish type novel, almost as an exercise in patience and endurance, with the slim hope that maybe the smug, prissy narrator would change her stripes. But no, she remains a horribly drab, suburban soccer mom with judgments to spare for everyone around her. It was like reading a short story in Good Housekeeping magazine or something. (Which I've done, so I brought it on mysef.)

  • Listened to the new Paul Weller record. It's a continuation of his earlier fascination with soul/funk, but shot through with a melodic pop sensibility. His voice and guitar-playin' are as dreamy as ever. Overall: nice job, Paul.

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