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2005-10-08 - 1:10 p.m.

Gloppy, wet days make for guilt-free DVD-watchin' and day-dreamin' and lazy song tinkerin' and a-listenin' to Bruce's Nebraska, which by all accounts is a perfect album.

Sure, all the songs sound exactly the same, but it sustains a dark, quiet mood successfully, and his voice is a deep luscious canyon of ache. Plus, what a gutsy album to put out at that point in his career. He was a lo-fi pioneer.

And speaking of albums where all the songs sound the same but you forgive it anyway, Thunder, Lightning, Strike by the Go! Team is a real nice morning-coffee energizer, and not too many vocals to get in the way of your important thoughts.

I have become a recent convert to the Bloody Mary, a really complicated and savory drink. It invites slow, langorous sipping, and it is both a beverage and a meal.

I never appreciated these when I was younger, but I feel like this drink has been waiting for me on the far side of my 30's as a reward for not having given up, or killed anyone.

I expect that Janet and Sue have some thoughts on the matter...

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