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2005-11-01 - 10:46 a.m.

You can stream the new Neil Diamond album and make up your own mind...but I have to say, Rick Rubin didn't work hard enough to beat those weird vocal mannerisms out of his voice. He still sounds like Orson Welles doing a Metamucil commercial.

Meanwhile,Sun Kil Moon's new one is an album of Modest Mouse covers. I'm one of the 8 people who hasn't fallen madly in love with Modest Mouse in the past few years, so the song's origins mean little to me, but Mark K. could record an album of Hilary Duff covers and I'd buy it. Lovely acoustic arrangements feature chiming guitars and his pensive voice..."Trucker's Atlas" sounds like a lost Eliott Smith song, and "Convenient Parking" is all quietly het-up.

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