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2005-11-08 - 11:07 a.m.

I love Election Day with the fervor of a freshly-minted American straight off the boat from Ouagadougou, and I especially enjoy voting in my old voting district (cuz I never re-registered in Bay Ridge).

However, I woke up late and missed out on my favorite E-Day ritual: oily-tasting coffee and carby sweet bun at the Chinese bakery, followed by lever-pullin', followed by meandering through the hallways of the elementary school looking at the display cases of kids' drawings of safety posters. It's just not the same at night.

How is your E-day going?

I want to thank George Clooney for making an excellent movie for grown-ups, one that inspired giddy applause in the one-would-guess hardened Brooklyn audience I saw it with.

Every performance was beautiful...David Strathairn has this way of speechifying and then falling silent with a complicated expression on his face that says, "I'm not really finished talking, but I'll shut up now."

Warning: do not see this movie if you have recently given up smoking. Or sharply-creased trousers.

Have begun watching the second season of Arrested Development on DVD. All I can say is that the episode "Good Grief" is one of the best, richest 20 minutes of TV comedy, ever, right up there with the best MTM, Bob Newhart, or Mr. Show.

And yet, if someone watched that ep. out of order, out of context, it'd probably be a little boring. Hence the magic of the show.

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