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2005-11-13 - 11:15 a.m.

Although the majority of my NYC friends know about today's Walkathon, it never hurts to remind folks. Develop Brooklyn, don't destroy.

Watched the weirdest movie the other night, The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, a French farce with, on the one hand, a high-minded message of brotherhood and tolerance, and on the other, non-stop slapstick hijinx.

It is so alien to my sense of humor, but the effort required in watching it inspired an emotional investment in the goofy characters. I felt an obligation--they were going all out to please me, the least I could do is chuckle. Once the chucklin' commenced, it became real laughter and before I knew it, I was sucked into its bizarre unfunniness.

And the soundtrack is this cloying klezmer-cum-ye-ye stuff that was in itself oddly mesmerizing.

Mojo's latest compilation is a pure success, just 15 NYC-area punk classics. I like when they keep it simple and get it so right.

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