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2005-11-20 - 1:19 p.m.

The good news about Walk the Line is that it is not nearly as bad as Ray, even though it deals in the same sort of moralizing, and dips into the cliche pool a little too often to be a particularly daring or honest film.

That said, I enjoyed it a lot. Joaquin and Reese really nailed their parts, made passable attempts at vocal mimicry, and made me excited about Johnny Cash's music, which is sort of the point.

Reese Witherspoon's amazing, era-capturing hair-do's totally made me forget about her projectile chin.

I also appreciate that the director offers a teeny, tiny glimpse into the songwriting process, which you almost never see in music bio-pics. Scant and fleeting as they are, there are scenes where June and Johnny are sittin' down composing music, playing phrases over and over, jotting down lyrics.

I don't think it was the filmmaker's intention, but all that Budweiser that Johnny kept pounding down just made me want to go drink Budweisers.

And speakin' of the Man in Black, my niece Zoe walks the line quite prettily in her JC onesie:

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