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2005-12-02 - 11:12 a.m.

The theme that emerges for me this week is "inspirational dead female spitfires in the arts." First Talullah and now Ada.

I'd read a little something recently--can't remember where or why--about Ada Falcon, a popular Argentine tango singer of the early 20th century. Coincidentally, my local library branch had the DVD of a documentary about her career and her sudden disappearance from the public eye. What an interesting character--and a great story. Basically, she dropped out of society to devote herself to prayer. I love when that happens.

My very close personal mySpace friend Mark Lanegan has recorded a fun li'l e.p. of dark country-folk tunes with Scottish singer Isobel Campbell. Clear-eyed, simple, sad winter music.

Also pretty neat is the White Stripes makin' like lesbian sisters on their glammy version of Tegan & Sara's "Walking with a Ghost." It's slightly more irritating vocally than the original, but some may find that serves the spirit of the song well. (The new e.p. also has 3 serviceable live tracks.)

But the best thing I've heard in a couple days is the new Greenhornes CD, which you can stream here. Classic garage pop, Detroit-style.

Uh, and no, I'm not a viral marketer for V2 Records, I swear. These three items just all happened to appeal to me!

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