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2005-12-06 - 10:14 a.m.

I've been in a garage-y mood of late, and sought out the new Deadly Snakes record, having hoid that they are good at that stuff. Indeed it hits the spot, and with weird little carnival-rock songs like "200 Nautical Miles," it's clear that they are more than just 3 chords and a rant.

I consider myself a very honest person and yet last night at my company's holiday party I became hyper-aware of all the tiny untruths and half-truths that a person tells just to get through 2 hours of socializing.

It makes me wonder if even those little white feel-good lies aren't pernicious in their own way.

The naked truth doesn't have to be painful. The truth, without any spin, tends to be positive in its own right.

I am working with this idea. Don't leave me any truthful but mean comments, as I am also really hungover.

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