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2005-12-27 - 1:13 p.m.

Iím going through a Jorge Ben phase, hard. I expect to ride it out w/o subjecting anyone to a cover, because I find Portuguese really hard to sing.

But I have been listening to this album (sadly, it's not on iTunes, I just checked, but I think it's still in print) non-stop all's just perfect. It was recorded in the mid-70s but sounds completely undated, with gorgeous melodies ("Zumbi" in particular is aural sugar, or Splenda if you swing that way) and gut-wrenching rhythms, and not a lot of that cheesy, breezy Girl from Ipanema-type feel that turns me off of a lot of Brazilian music.

An epiphenomenon of this interest is that I've also discovered the metal band Soulfly, who cover some JB songs. I don't predict a Soulfly phase, though--perhaps just a moment.

Phrases that have become part of my everyday vocabulary, thanks to the TV show 24:

  • "open a socket"
  • "back channel"
  • "hostile" as a noun.

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