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2006-01-23 - 9:21 a.m.

Saw Cache yesterday, a stunning little film that takes its time getting where it needs to go, and yet artfully builds suspense, creeping dread, and pathos. It's a rare thriller that has both a social conscience and compassion for all its characters.

The editing is really sensitive and clever, too. There's one scene in the last third of the movie that is particularly upsetting, and the director allows the audience--along with the characters in the scene--to react and sit in stunned silence for what feels like five minutes before the action and dialogue in the next scene occurs. That kind if thing doesn't happen much in movies.

I fear there will be a U.S. remake that will destroy all the delicious ambiguity and natural suspense in favor of quick-cut editing and thrills. I sense...Harrison Ford and Renee Russo in the lead roles...and a loud score by James Newton Howard...

In music news, the new Paul Motian album Garden of Eden is quite lovely, and features one of the few Mingus compositions that I can actually identify after a few bars.

Motian is playing this week at the Vanguard, but I'm not sure I'm willing to spend $30 to hear music and have one drink. Then again, you can't put a dollar amount on experience*, and pretty much any jazz you see in NYC is gonna be exorbitantly-priced.

* Or can you? I feel a chart coming on, but I always forget how to make tables in HTML...

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