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2006-01-26 - 12:33 p.m.

I wonder if there's ever been a movie heroine quite like Rynn Jacobs in The Little Girl Who Lies Down the Lane. I saw this movie a zillion times as a kid, and just watched it again recently, for the first time as an adult.

It's not a great movie--you could call it New England gothic horror--and this was before Jodie Foster quite had her acting chops together, but the central character is smart, independent, and kick-ass...not in a cartoon-y way, but in a way a real 13-year-old girl could be. And you just don't see that enough, not even today.

I'm weening myself off Jorge Ben...the first step is listening to a lot of the amazing Budos Band. Now, admittedly, this is cheating, cuz they are like a veritable hologram of 1974, right down to their CD cover, which had me thinking it was a reissue of some ancient Afro-Cuban outfit.

Is one bag of ice enough?

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