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2006-01-28 - 10:30 a.m.

Watched a delightful performance by Tris McCall last night at Pianos. Fittingly, it was just Tris at his piano--no big Don Kirshner line-up--where his pop-star vocals rang out clear, and every brilliant lyric was audible.

Among other things, Tris sings a lot about our home state, Hudson County in particular, and that is good, but it's the way he sings about it--with conviction and passion and details about county executives and senatorial shenanigans, that lets you know he's not kidding even when he's kidding.

Sufjan may be singing about Illinois this year, but you know he'll just move on to Kentucky or Wyoming next. With Tris, you know he's gonna be examining the Garden State for all time.

I also find it charming that every time I go see Tris play, he has his posse with him: partner Hilary and friend Steve. They must be the two most loyal pals in the world, and that touches me.

Pianos is a nice place to hang out, at least earlier in the evening before it gets packed with revelers.

It is one of the few Ludlow Street clubs that has an eye on the feng shui of carousing--the room flows, the woods and bar material are light-colored and calming, the bathrooms are located downstairs (I don't know why, but that always says "class" to me), and the sound is good--the management seems to respect its patrons enough to give them all that when they probably would settle for much less.

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