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2006-02-08 - 9:00 p.m.







I've been thinking a lot about Melanie lately. When I heard Extraordinary Machine for the first time--the first time I'd ever consciously listened to Fiona Apple--her voice struck me as very Melanie-esque, and at karaoke the other night, I did a Melanie song and realized that we sing in the same range, which made me feel close to her somehow.

And though acoustic folk music is just about my least favorite thing to listen to, I have always had a soft spot for Melanie, cuz she seems very sincere. She was not a fair-weather hippie who turned with the tide--she still seems committed to all her 60s ideals, which is sweet and shows integrity.

Sadly, her music is not easy to find on the web, and iTunes has nothin'.

Oh, and I just remembered, we exchanged some e-mails a few years back--maybe I should e-mail her again and urge her to post some mp3's on her site...

Any other New Yorkers get weepy reading the Interboro College subway ads?

[picture of father and son afffectionately touching foreheads]

"Dad, I want to be just like you!"

"No, son--I want you to be BETTER!"

Waah! don't do this to me, I have no defenses against this sort of marketing.

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