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2006-02-14 - 10:24 a.m.

For your Valentine's Day pleasure, some poetry inspired by a viewing last night of one of my all-time favorite films.

And when I say "inspired" I mean, "stolen outright," because the dialogue in it reads like some nutty hybrid of Robert Pollard and Rilke.

Our Mad Dream (or: Pretorius Declares his Intentions)

You think I'm mad
Perhaps I am.
But listen Dr. Frankenstein:
while you were digging in your graves
piecing together dead tissues,

I went to the source of life.
I grew my creatures
from cultures, like seeds
the way nature does.

Still, you did achieve
results that I have missed.

Now think--

What a world-astounding
collaboration we should be!

Our mad dream
is only half realized.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Hermit's Hut

We shall be friends.

I have prayed many times
for God to send me a friend.
It's very lonely here
and it's been a long time
since any human being
came into this hut.

I shall look after you,
and you will comfort me.

And now you must lie down
and go to sleep.

Yes, yes.
Now you must sleep.

Alone bad.
Friend good.
Friend good.

Dayenu! It would have been enough for Ray Davies to have written the beautiful "Thanksgiving Day," and retreated back into his hermitage. But he has gifted us with a stellar album, 13 solid songs, proving once again that he is the finest songwriter of whatever era he happens to be working in.

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