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2006-02-18 - 3:31 p.m.

Oh lordy.

You have to go see Night Watch, I really must insist. Don't wait til it's on video.

It's a sad, funny, stupid, smart Russian vampire movie that ponders the light and dark forces within us, the pangs of parenthood, the power of magic, the interconnectedness of living beings...and features the most dynamic use of subtitles I've ever seen.

Looking for non-New Agey attitudes toward life that are nevertheless far removed from the post-modern nihilism that makes 21st century philosophy so depressing?

Some of these Meaning of Life interviews are priceless. (Thanks, Chris).

And if that doesn't cheer you, these almost naked animals certainly will, courtesy KriMur.

Other random bits:

I think we all grew sick of the word (and concept of) "carbs" about 3 years ago, and I say it's high time to bring back the terms "starch" and "starchy." Now those are some rich, onomatopoeic words.

And the other thing: there are some albums that I've dumped onto my computer and promptly forgot about, but every once in a while, individual songs will pop up on "shuffle," and I'll think, "yes, yes..." Sleepers albums like John Vanderslice's, or just about any Merge recording artist.

But I've noticed, lately, the opposite phenomenon, where a song will pop up and I'll think, "No, no...this wasn't part of the plan at all..." and I'm sad to say that 100% of the time it's the Sheryl Crow album that I generously gave a chance to this summer and lived to regret. Sorry, Sheryl. You seem like a cool person, but you've sullied my shuffle, and I must remove you.

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